toothpaste and serum
Solutions for an enviable smile


REGENERATE Enamel ScienceTM is the first oral hygiene system capable of regenerating* enamel that has been clinically proven to be effective.

Advanced Toothpaste is a unique, water-free formulation with a rich texture due to the high concentration of active ingredients.

- Effective from the very first use.
- Helps protect and strengthen teeth against cavities.
- Helps restore the natural whiteness of teeth.
- Menthol provides a pleasant cooling sensation.
- Makes teeth 3 times stronger*.

Advanced Serum increases toothpaste effectiveness by 43 percent

RegenerateTM Enamel Science and Lissoni AssociatesTM create the cutting edge of toothbrushes.
The ultimate combination of substance and style.
5904 ultra-thin filaments for advanced enamel care
Ultra-soft filaments with rounded tips, inset on a compact brush head. For soft and effective brushing.

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