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QualiFarma's services for industry.
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QualiFarma offers a wide range of services to Principal Companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Contract sales (SIS 2626)

Promotional activities and exclusive sales of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies, parapharmacies, orthopedics and health care with its own network of more than 50 representatives throughout the country available to principals.

Marketing services


  • General consulting for market introduction (start up)
  • Marketing activities, communication tools and investment planning
  • Legal advice and possible assistance on contracts

Market analysis and research

  • Surveys on the specific industry/product of interest - Feasibility studies and competitive analysis
  • IMS reporting

Operational assistance

  • Event organization (exhibitions, fairs, seminars, PR and press events)
  • Distribution and mailing of promotional materials and product samples
  • Fulfilling administrative, customs, tax, transportation procedures
  • Shipment coordination, product conformity checks
  • Search engine positioning, web marketing
  • Active website development and social networking

Pharmaceutical supply chain

Coverage of the entire distribution chain served directly by our logistics team with the assurance of the highest quality standards (Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 Deposit UNI EN ISO 9001:2000) and with delivery times within 24/48 hours. Wholesalers, cooperatives, intermediate and retail distribution supplied following traceability standards for any product category.

IT reporting

Weekly and monthly monitoring of sales and distribution trends according to customized requests from client pharmaceutical companies.

Financial risk assessment

Factoring tools and credit insurance to fully cover financial risks.

QualiFarma takes care of the principals' products by taking special care to maintain the right balance in the promotion of catalog products.A streamlined and selected price list allows our sales structure to always present itself in a comprehensive manner to our interlocutor.

We visit more than 10,000 customers each year and directly serve 6,700 through direct billing and more than 1,600 through existing commercial contracts.