Functional supplements

New Nordic Supplements

All-natural, made exclusively from herbal extracts, with no added preservatives, flavorings, sugars, salts, lie- vides. They are also gluten- and lactose-free. Also usable by vegetarians and vegans.
Production takes place exclusively in Scandinavia. Highly recognizable, highly visible and impactful packaging. Im- magine identical throughout the World.
Our "From Seed to Heart" program
We use only our own seed and grow only our own plantations.
We strictly control the entire production process, from seed to finished product, with complete traceability of the entire supply chain, down to the place and person who grew the plant. We apply organic farming principles exclusively. We operate on principles of fair and equitable trade for producers.

Intent Supplements

The INTENT line of functional chewing gums represents a revolution, small in form but big in substance, for health in the world of nutraceuticals that offers consumers remarkable benefits beyond the pleasure of chewing.

The term functional chewing gum identifies a specific category of supplements that confers an additional practical function in providing supplemental intake of vitamins, minerals, and phyto-complexes in cases of deficiency or increased need.

They are for all intents and purposes dietary supplements, administered in an innovative form that enables the consumer to take care of his or her own well-being in an effective, enjoyable and consistent manner.

By chewing the gum, the release of the active substances initially occurs orally; complete absorption takes two to ten minutes-a much shorter time than with classic dietary supplements.