AllDerma, Kerato
Protect hands and skin

Get rid of pain with AllDerma.

Advanced liquid plaster that forms an unobtrusive and effective protective film, targeted action against fissures in hands, feet, knuckles, knees and elbows.

To take care of your lips, we recommend Keratoplasty.
In all cases where skin elasticity needs to be normalized or restored following skin degeneration due to physical or environmental stress.
A unique formula with:
- B-carotene, vitamin A, palmitate: reduces oxidative stress present
- Essential fatty acids
- Vitamin F
- Hydrolyzed fibronectin: nourishes the skin so as to restore its function as a natural barrier against external agents.
- Propolis extract: a natural product, a complex mixture of resins, waxes, minerals and organic compounds (including flavonoids, enzymes, vitamins).It has antioxidant, antiseptic, antiviral and healing properties.

The healing power of propolis, together with essential fatty acids, solve all the problems of dehydration, fissuring and ulceration of the lips, caused by cold weather.

The antioxidant efficacy of beta-carotene has a preventive and repairing effect on sun damage.